P.O.N. Video Series - Complete Set (Flash Drive)

£850.00 £450.00

Presenters: Various

Number of Videos: 16

Total Duration: 67+ Hours

Format: Digital (USB Flash Drive)

Normal Price: £850.00 GBP

Discounted Price: £450.00 GBP


For a limited time only, the entire collection of all 16 video titles of the workshops/seminars conducted by the Philosophers of Nature back in the 1990s is available for purchase at half its value!!! Videos of instructional events covering plant alchemy, mineral alchemy, esoteric Initiation, meditation, Qabalah and much more, originally sold for a total of £800.00 GBP, are now available for only £400.00 GBP.


This is a total of 32 video files, spanning over more than 67 hours of educational material, the quality of which still not having been matched, in our humble opinion, for only HALF of what it normally costs!!


Do not miss this opportunity to grab the entire collection of these immensely educational and rare videos that were once thought to never again be available when they disappeared from the scene for several years. They are a true treasure to anyone studying the Occult/Esoteric Sciences and part of the legacy of the Philosophers of Nature.


NOTE: This set is to be shipped on a USB flash drive only! The price includes shipping to anywhere in the world. For the entire video collection as direct download, click on the following link:


P.O.N. Video Series - Complete Set (Download)