Godforms of the Golden Dawn Tradition

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Author: Pat Zalewski

Extent: 146 pp

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Another tremendously educational literary work of Pat Zalewski—arguably one of the most prolific and important authors on the Golden Dawn Tradition—delving deeply, this time, into the crucial subject of godforms within the Outer Order of the Golden Dawn: the roles they play in Ritual Work, their significance, their mythological background, and the technical mechanics of these “deity connections”.


Within the occult practices of the Order of the Golden Dawn, the Initiation Ceremonies—potent magical operations in their own right—are central to the tradition on several levels; and within the mechanics of these rituals lies the vital subject of godforms.


This­ is a topic which has never been covered to a greater extent within Golden Dawn tradition literature in spite of its importance. ­That, however, has changed now with the publication of the present work, authored by Pat Zalewski, one of the most experienced Adepti of the tradition today and one of the few individuals who has actually had the privilege of receiving its crucial oral transmission from high-ranking Initiates of the last of the original Golden Dawn Temples.


In this book, Mr. Zalewski covers the identity of the godforms of the Outer Order Initiation Ceremonies, their mythology, their function as well as his thoughts on exactly what godforms are and what it is that allows us to tap into these powerful forces and make use thereof in magical rituals.