Golden Dawn Enochian Magic (3rd Edition - Revised & Expanded)

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Author: Pat Zalewski

Extent: 514 pp

Format: 6 x 9"

Printing: Black & white

Binding: Hardback; dust jacket

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The 3rd edition, revised and heavily expanded, of one of Pat Zalewski’s absolute classics: Golden Dawn Enochian Magic—the only book of its day that was dedicated exclusively to the study & practice of Enochian magic in the Golden Dawn Tradition. Now completely re-typeset, with all previous errors corrected, numerous additional illustrations, new chapters, and several new appendices included to dive further into this immensely fascinating subject.

Zalewski’s book Golden Dawn Enochian Magic, originally published back in 1990, was one of a kind as it was the only text which dealt with the subject of Enochian magic exclusively from within the Golden Dawn tradition. In addition, while some information on the Enochian teachings of its Inner Order, the Rosæ Rubeæ et Aureæ Crucis, had been unveiled to the world, mainly by the writings of Israel Regardie and Aleister Crowley, this was rather limited and seemed to be suffering from several “missing pieces”. Yet Pat Zalewski’s book went further into the subject by bringing up a variety of topics of which he had learned via his association with the old Smaragdum Thalasses Initiates in New Zealand—subjects that had never before been revealed to the uninitiated. ­ This made Mr. Zalewski’s book a particularly valuable contribution to Golden Dawn tradition literature.


Now, nearly 30 years since its first publication, this classic is being brought back in a thoroughly revised and expanded edition where errors have been corrected, figures have been recreated, additional diagrams have been included and a wealth of new material added, effectively bringing the book to more than twice its original size.


While much new literature on the topic of Enochian magic has been published since the early nineties, the present work by Mr. Zalewski is still unique as it, thus far, remains the only text dealing solely with the sum of Enochian teachings in the R.R. et A.C. And while it has always been an important work, now, with its significant increase in content, it is even more valuable to the student of the Golden Dawn tradition than ever before.