The Via Cinnabaris of the F.A.R.+C.


Author: Lenny Pedersen

Extent: 140 pp

Format: 6 x 9"

Printing: Full colour

Binding: Hardback; dust jacket

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The first ever operative exposition of the Cinnabar Path of the French Rosicrucian Order, Frères Aînés de la Rose+Croix—the Elder Brothers of the Rose+Cross—complete with colour illustrations depicting various stages of the Magnum Opus as well as a fascinating look into the mystical and quantum mechanical functioning of alchemy in general and the confection of the Philosopher’s Stone, especially through the Way of Cinnabar.

In the latter half of the 20th century, a curious little French treatise on the Cinnabar Path of the Rosicrucian Order, F.A.R.+C. made its appearance; a treatise carrying no date or even title. Penned by an unknown author, who clearly appears to have been intimately familiar with the operative procedure of the Way of Cinnabar, this brief paper appears to either have been merely his or her personal notes and thoughts on the matter, or at best a text shared only with a small group of alchemists initiated into this particular Path toward the confection of the Philosopher’s Stone.


A document that, in its brevity, manages to go through the entire operative procedure of the Magisterium—and that without elaborate symbolism or allegory, but in plain everyday language—and simultaneously take a fascinating look at the mechanics of the Magnum Opus and its execution as well as the Philosopher’s Stone and its use. As such, it was a much welcomed addition to the literature on this Path of the Great Work, especially for those who had yet to understand how to “decipher” the original treatises of the Rosicrucian Brotherhood behind the teachings.


The Via Cinnabaris of the F.A.R.+C. will be found a tremendous asset to one’s comprehension of the practical application of this Way to the Stone while also providing a most interesting look into the cogs that turn underneath it all. Now officially published in English for the first time, this underground classic has finally made its way into the greater alchemical community, thanks to the tireless efforts of a 21st century alchemist who has dedicated nearly 15 years to the study & practice of the Cinnabar Path and has translated several of the classical F.A.R.+C. treatises from French.