The Ten Commandments of Alchemy: The Divine Laws of the Magnum Opus Through the Cinnabar Path of the F.A.R.+C.


Author: Lenny Pedersen

Extent: 148 pp

Format: 6 x 9"

Printing: Black & white

Binding: Hardback; dust jacket

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The Ten Commandments of Alchemy: The Divine Laws of the Magnum Opus Through the Cinnabar Path of the F.A.R.+C. is a thorough look into the fundamental teaching of the Elder Brothers of the Rose+Cross: the alchemical interpretation of the Ten Commandments of the Old Testament. Both alchemical theory, philosophy, and practice is covered in these Laws and the author, one of the foremost authorities on the Way of Cinnabar outside of France, goes through each of them in great detail in this book.

The Ten Commandments given in the Old Testament of The Holy Bible have been of tremendous in­fluence upon the lives of countless individuals since their unveiling and very few in number are those, regardless of religious association, who are not familiar therewith to at least some extent. Many simply live their daily lives with these Laws of God as their moral compass while others still follow them more fanatically, believing that the unwavering adherence thereto lies at the root of their salvation, and their violation bringing an eternity in Hell. Whatever manner in which they are employed in life by way of one’s religious practice, ethical values or simply common respect for one’s fellow man, their significance throughout history has been substantial.


Unknown to most, however, is the value of these very same Commandments in the esoteric Art & Science of alchemy, and the fact that they can be read in a fashion which applies them directly to the Magnum Opus, or Great Work—the confection of the legendary Philosopher’s Stone.  is relevance of the Laws within the Royal Art was first brought to the attention of the general alchemical community by the Superior of the Alchemical Temple of Ajunta, Kamala-Jnana, in his classic Dictionary of Alchemical Philosophy. The importance of them in the Great Work, and more specifically in the Cinnabar Path of the F.A.R.+C., is indisputable as evidenced by the repeated references to them and what they teach in the official papers of this Rosicrucian Order. A great deal of knowledge and understanding is to be gained from studying these Divine Laws and the present publication, The Ten Commandments of Alchemy, is proof of exactly that.


Danish alchemist, Lenny Pedersen, not only has more than 20 years of experience in the Royal Art, as well as various other occult sciences, but he is also one of the world’s foremost authorities on the Way of Cinnabar of the F.A.R.+C. outside of the French-speaking alchemical community. Mr. Pedersen is here presenting a detailed analysis of each Commandment, what they mean, how they apply to the Cinnabar Path—as well as the Magnum Opus in general—and how they are to be understood in relation to the mechanics and operative execution of confecting the Stone of the Sages. This book will be an invaluable study to not only those following this particular Path but to alchemists in general dedicated to achieving the Grand Magisterium.