The Minor Opus: A Work on Plant Alchemy


Presenter/s: John H. Reid III

Volumes: 1

Duration: 1 hour, 58 minutes

Format: Download

Price: £25.00 GBP


In the 1990s, John H. Reid III wrote a book on plant alchemy that he distributed online, freely available for all—a book that would turn out to become a classic rivaling the literary works of Frater Albertus and Manfred Junius.


Today, there are no alchemists with respect for themselves who are not familiar with Reid’s text, The Minor Opus: A Work on Plant Alchemy (also referred to as John Reid’s Course on Practical Alchemy), and who do not have it in some form or fashion on their computer, a harddrive or even as a privately printed hardcopy. While a great overall course on the alchemical work in the Plant Kingdom, what really made this book famous among practitioners of the Royal Art was Reid’s approach to confecting the Plant Stone, and his providing colour photographs of the various stages of this labor.


While the book provides the outline of this process to the Vegetable Stone, there were certain details omitted that the alchemist would need to work out on his/her own by actually doing the work, or by communicating with Reid during one’s application of his teachings. This lecture, however, provides a great number of these details that “fill in the blanks”, as it were, otherwise found in his text. Thus, this nearly 2-hour video is a fantastic complement to his book (which is still freely available on the following link on Adam McLean's website: and is a must have for anyone interested in confecting a Plant Stone through this fascinating method!