The Kerkring Menstruum: Mediator Between the Three Realms


Presenter/s: Kathleen Ahearn

Volumes: 1

Duration: 1 hour, 54 minutes

Format: Download

Price: £25.00 GBP


While the main focus of the 48 Philosophers of Nature lessons covered in the book, Spagyrics: A Practical Course in Plant Alchemy, was on the Vegetable Kingdom, a particular menstruum introduced was that known as “Kerkring’s Menstruum”—a unique solvent in that it bridges the Vegetable, Animal and Mineral Kingdoms, being manufactured from the Vegetable and Animals Realms and being able to extract alchemical properties from the Mineral Realm.


In this yet another hands-on workshop presented by the Philosophers of Nature, alchemist Kathleen Ahearn has the attendees go through the various stages needed to produce the Kerkring Menstruum. In part two of the video, she shows some different results of extractions and in closing up everything, both Ahearn as well as other people present give some alchemical “words of wisdom” and tips for how to actually get started with one’s work in the laboratory instead of continuing to put it off.


This nearly 2-hour long video is a great aid to the alchemist studying and applying the PON plant alchemy lessons, and who is now moving into the preparation and use of Kerkring’s Menstruum. Not only is the video a tremendous visual support, by actually showing how this work is carried out, but it also provides additional information and operative details making it more easily comprehensible to the alchemist who may still be somewhat new to the subject of this particular solvent.