Mineral Work: A Look into Labors with Antimony


Presenter/s: Russell Burton House

Volumes: 1

Duration: 1 hour, 38 minutes

Format: Download

Price: £25.00 GBP


Antimony is a metalloid that has been considered incredibly important by numerous alchemists for centuries and there are several workings on the ore of antimony, stibnite, found in the old treatises of the Royal Art.


German-American alchemist Frater Albertus, founder of the Paracelsus Research Society/Paracelsus College, conveyed a number of teachings on alchemical labours with the ore of this metalloid and the same was the case with the Philosophers of Nature.


In this approx. 90-minute video, American alchemist Russell House—former student of Paracelsus College, alchemy instructor at AMORC’s Rose Croix University in San Jose, California, and last president of the Philosophers of Nature—gives a presentation on certain simple workings on above-mentioned metalloid, the emphasis being on the properties of the Vinegar of Antimony. Much material is provided in the 84 mineral alchemy lessons of the Philosophers of Nature (to be published in the near future by P.O.N. Press in a two-volume large format hardcover entitled Mineral Alchemy: A Practical Course) on work with antimony, which this video will greatly complement. It is also a tremendous aid to any alchemist already familiar with a certain amount of labor with the substance but who might need or like to have some visual support.