An Interview with Jean Dubuis: A Conversation with a True Adept


Presenter/s: Jean Dubuis; Patrice Maleze (Transl.)

Volumes: 1

Duration: 55 minutes

Format: Download

Price: £25.00 GBP


In 1994, an interview with Jean Dubuis, arranged by the Philosophers of Nature and conducted by the The Inner Light Program, took place in Winfield, Illinois—an interview where many interesting subjects on alchemy, general esotericism and the association Les Philosophes de la Nature (LPN), the Philosophers of Nature (PON), were brought up.


In this 55-minute video, hosted by Steven Freier, and with translation conducted by LPN member and long-time personal friend of Jean Dubuis, Patrice Maleze, Mr. Dubuis answers questions on a whole host of topics, from the nature of Initiation, what it means to be an Initiate, what motivated him to found the association LPN to subjects such as the Divine, his view on Christ and Religion, his Portæ Lucis method (the Experience of Eternity), and much more.