An Introduction to Qabala: The Tree of Life and Qabalistic Rituals (Vol. 1-2)


Presenter/s: Mark Stavish

Volumes: 2

Duration (Vol. 1): 2 hours, 5 minutes

Duration (Vol. 2): 2 hours, 1 minute

Format: Download

Price: £50.00 GBP


The Qabala has been a subject central to the Philosophers of Nature teachings since its beginning—in alchemy as well as in Initiation and various general esoteric subjects of study and practice. Because of the extensive nature of the Qabala, an entire course dealing exclusively with this topic was created and this became one of the most popular studies in the association.


Mark Stavish, a member of the PON and a gentleman with many years of experience in the esoteric sciences, provides a thorough overview of fundamental qabalistic subjects along with coverage of a variety of magical rituals with their base in the qabalistic tradition.


Not only a great complement to the Philosophers of Nature Qabala course (to be published by P.O.N. Press in a not-too-distant future), this video series is also thorough enough to provide a solid study & practice foundation on its own and is thus sure to be found of great interest and very educational to those interested in not only Qabala itself but western occultism/esotericism in general.