Anglo-Catholic Clergy and the Golden Dawn: The Ritual Revival and Modern Magical Orders, 1887-1940

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Author: Dr Tony Fuller

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Dr Fuller's Exeter University doctoral thesis on Western Esotericism has been one of the best kept secrets of writings on the history & background of the Golden Dawn Tradition. It is one of the very finest and most complete pieces of academic literature ever seen on this famous occult Order, and for the first time since it was written in 2009, it is available in printed & bound format—both in a hand-bound limited fine edition and a standard hardback.

Dr Anthony "Tony" Fuller is one of the foremost experts on the Golden Dawn Tradition, having spent the better part of four decades studying its original papers and private correspondence, as well as having detailed conversations with actual members of the old Temples in New Zealand and the United Kingdom. Anglo-Catholic Clergy and the Golden Dawn: The Ritual Revival and Modern Magical Orders, 1887-1940, Dr Fuller's doctoral thesis in history—more specifically in Western Esotericism—is one significant fruit from that labour.


It has long been known by academics, though never extensively discussed, that the Order of the Golden Dawn found among its Initiates several members of the clergy. With this publication, scholarly texts on the history and background of this famous and fascinating occult Fraternity are joined by the very first detailed account of precisely this topic. And while Anglo-Catholic clerical members of the Order is its main focus, the book is a solid stand-alone work on Golden Dawn history in general.


By way of investigating the various priests and bishops found within the ranks of this esoteric society, and the importance they placed on what they were doing in an Order dedicated to the study & practice of ritual magic, Dr Fuller covers the origin of the Golden Dawn, its original split into its later "incarnations" of the Stella Matutina and the Alpha et Omega, its journey from the UK to New Zealand and the establishing of the Smaragdum Thalasses Temple—the most successful and longest lasting of the original Stella Matutina Temples—as well as its path from there into the present day. Also of significant importance, as seen in the book, is the "offshot" Order known as the Cromlech Temple, or the Order of the Sun, in which many Initiates of the Golden Dawn were also involved, including members of the clergy.


Besides the main content of the book spanning over 500 pages, it contains an extensive bibliography along with an equally extensive index for easy reference of topics, people, places etc. for the serious researcher of Golden Dawn Tradition history. Anglo-Catholic Clergy and the Golden Dawn also contains 30+ black & white photographs—some never seen in print until now—as well as facsimiles of various original documents of the Order.


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