Terms & Conditions


1. Due to the production method presently employed by Hermetic Science Enterprises, where books are manufactured as print-on-demand (POD) works, all sales are final and we cannot accept returns or provide refunds due to production and shipping expenses already having been covered by the company.


2. In the event of receiving items that have been damaged or suffered faulty production at the hands of the printer/binder, Hermetic Science Enterprises will gladly replace said item. Note: such replacement cannot be guaranteed for items of limited availability and is therefore reserved for those of unlimited production.


3. All of our limited fine edition productions are handmade and thus there is always a slight possibility of difference in appearance between individual copies of the same title, as well as small "blemishes" that come with hand bound works and the use of natural as opposed to synthetic material.


4. As our fine editions are greatly limited in number, the pre-ordering of a copy is a commitment of purchase. Thus, no cancellation and subsequent refund of the order is possible as the funds are invested in the production of that given copy.


5. The production of hand bound fine edition books involves numerous stages. As such, production commencement and completion dates—while we do our utmost to fulfill these—are somewhat tentative and one needs to allow room for some potential delays.


6. In the event of the cancellation of a fine edition production, all pre-orders will be cancelled by Hermetic Science Enterprises and all customers will receive a full refund.