Way of Cinnabar: The Operation of the Alchemical Great Work through the Wet Path of Cinnabar (LIMITED STANDARD EDITION)


Author: Lenny Pedersen

Extent: 162 pp

Format: 6 x 9"

Printing: Full colour

Binding: Hardback; dust jacket

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Way of Cinnabar: The Operation of the Alchemical Great Work through the Wet Path of Cinnabar is the single most lucid literary work in existence on this mysterious and most intriguing Path of the Magnum Opus, the Great Work of alchemy. It was originally translated by Lenny Pedersen (author of The Ten Commandments of Alchemy: The Divine Laws of the Magnum Opus through the Cinnabar Path of the F.A.R.+C.) in 2014 for his own personal studies and was shared only in private with but a handful of close personal friends, his feeling being that the treatise was something for which the world was not yet ready.


The day has now come, however, where a brief unveiling of the operative secrets of this fascinating way of confecting the Philosopher’s Stone has been deemed to be of great importance to alchemists of today. Thus, this translation, hitherto kept from public distribution, is made available in a severely limited print run, after which the book will once again disappear into the obscurity whence it came.


Limited standard hardback edition!!! Only 50 copies of this book will be produced!!!

Among the various Paths to the confection of the Philosopher’s Stone, the one commonly referred to as the Cinnabar Path, studied and practiced by the French Rosicrucian Order known by its abbreviation, F.A.R.+C., has fascinated alchemists immensely since it was first presented to the world at large in the 1960s. While alchemical labour on cinnabar ore had existed since ancient China, this particular way, wholly western rather than eastern in its methodology, is of an unknown origin beyond this highly secretive Rosicrucian Brotherhood.


The teachings on this Path were eventually shared with the outside world for a limited period of time back in the 1960s and 1970s, but not without being veiled in a certain amount of alchemical mystery. Thus, only very few were able to work their way through it without the assistance of actual Initiates of the F.A.R.+C. No direct and clear operative teachings were available outside the Order—until a couple of private texts, the existence of which the world at large was completely oblivious, circulated among small private groups of alchemists. The present work is not only one of these text, but indeed the very jewel in their midst!